Tessandra Chavez

Tessandra Chavez


She is a San Diego native and a graduate of the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. She comes from a single parent household where dance was her outlet and escape. Through scholarships and endless devotion from her mother.

Tessandra was able to intensely train in Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet and Hip Hop. Because her dance experience is so versatile her choreography and classes mirror that vast training. She advocates that the best dancers are masters at various dance forms, fearless, disciplined and honest. Her motto is to always explore new avenues of movement and to inspire dancers to dance authentically from their heart.

Since the establishment of her dance company in 1994, Tessandra has gone on to achieve several choreography awards, including the 2004 JDWC Silver Leo Award for Excellence in Choreography. She has also been producing and choreographing her own dance concerts since 1997 to sold out audiences.

She now resides in Los Angeles where she expanded her dance company and launched Unity LA, which consists of the top professional dancers in Los Angeles.

Tessandra’s intense passion and motivational teaching skills have allowed her the opportunity to travel the world teaching and choreographing for various dance institutions. Locally, Ms. Chavez has taught for professional studios such as the Edge Performing Arts Center, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Tessandra is known for her innovative and groundbreaking style of Contemporary that blends Contemporary and Hip Hop. Many regard her as the pioneer of “Contemporary Hip Hop.” Her powerful niche as a choreographer is the ability to move her audience through her emotional masterpieces. She is an inspirational teacher who believes in making dancers great people as well as amazing dancers.

Most recently, Tessandra has appeared on FOX’s hit show “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” as a choreographer as well as associate choreographer for American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X Factor USA. In addition to her TV appearances she has also done choreography for international pop artists such as Boa from Korea and Soccx from Germany.

You can also catch Tessandra’s work in the new Disney dance show “Disney Dance Crew” at the Disney Resort in Anaheim, CA. Tessandra was also the head supervising choreographer for Dancing with the Stars in China and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2.

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“I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today and yet I feel like this is only the beginning. I’ll never feel like I’ve ‘made it.’ I’m insatiable when it comes to my work; it’s never good enough. I believe that’s what keeps me striving. I just want to keep getting better and inspire the world by sharing honestly.”

“The difference between a great dancer and a master dancer is the great dancer recites like a disciplined robot while the master dancer shows the choreographer something he/she didn’t know they were looking for thus fueling the choreographer’s inspiration. I work with many masters. I am grateful.”

“I create dance because I have to. There was never another alternative. Choreography is my best voice.”

“When I felt like giving up, I kept going…”


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