Ms. Charlyn at Royalenova Performing Arts - Long Island & Suffolk County's Best Dance Studio

Miss Charlyn


Charlyn began her training at the age of 11 and never stopped. She has studied acrobatics under the direction of former Rockette Frances Landrum, ”circus strongman” Ted Magnum and 1976 Olympic hopeful, Dennis Bastian, at Landrum School of Dance in Queens. She has also taken tumbling classes at Chelsea Piers Field House taught by Link Blake. She has competed for and on the gymnastics team at St. Agnes Academic High School, Landrum School and the Loupakis Family Acrobatics and Karate Studio where she also choreographed routines for competition. Miss Charlyn is affiliated with Antigravity Dance & Gymnastics Co., a terrific talent company who promotes dancers and gymnasts and also perform themselves (many of her students are also affiliated with Antigravity for possible work in commercials, ads, off-Broadway, etc.). She began her teaching career in 1980 at the age of 17 as a student acro teacher at Landrum School of Dance in Queens and continued her career teaching at various studios in Queens.





Phone numbers:
(631) 878-7500