Tap dancer


Ballet & Tap A (Ages 3 to 5) A combination of tap and ballet for young children. Learn ballet and tap techniques while enjoying creativity in dance. The focus is on movement, music and enjoyment.

Tap dancer

Musical Theater

One of our most popular classes! This jazz based class includes jazz techniques incorporating the use of props and even some acting to provide a “Broadway-Style” performance.

Hip hop dancers

Hip Hop

Through old school foundations and new school influence, our hip hop classes focus on creating versatile dancers that feel confident exploring their own movements.

Tap dancer


Our tap program is designed to teach our students rhythm and coordination. Tap classes include barre, center floor, progressions, turns, rhythms and dance combinations. Several tap styles are taught, including “Broadway” style (i.e. 42nd Street) using accurate feet and arm placement, and the hottest trend-hoofin’ (i.e. Tap Dogs) using intricate rhythms and speed. Terminology is taught at all levels, while continually increasing technical skills.

Tap dancer

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots classes are designed to introduce your dancer to the fundamentals of movement, coordination, following directions, communication, parental separation, and more all under the dance umbrella.

ballet dancing


Ballet through ballet, students will gain the strength and basis needed for all genres of dance. Classes will consist of barre work, center and across the floor work as well as adagio.

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